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Become a Distributor

You are in charge of everything including

  • The amount of product you carry (there is a minimum purchase required however you receive the biggest discounts)
  • Distributing your product to your customers
  • Setting your prices and thus, the amount you can earn

Become a Partner

We work with you so…

  • No minimum amount required per order
  • Discounted rates
  • We will distribute the product for you
  • You will earn a commission based on the amount you sell
  • Prices are set for you

Become an Influencer

Don’t want to manage any product supply or track orders? This is your option.

  • Receive a special codes that will let us identify your “customers”
  • Push your friends and family to via social media and simply tell them to use your code for a discount on whatever they want to buy
  • Receive a commission on the amount sold through you

Fill out the form below.  You’ll receive an email from us with more information.  Prices and commission rates will be provided on the chart.  Please review it and decide how you want to earn some Happy Cash.

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